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GSF Logo (Stylized)

The standard symbol for the Gyrusenic Space Fleet, stylized.

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Factions ahoy!

The X0Y universe is filled with several factions, filled with lore and purpose.

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Welcome to the GSF Database

The GSF Database is a collection of information regarding the X0Y planetary system, which has been recorded to host various known sentient and sapient lifeforms, within these the Gyrusen and Parundea, the current hosting species of the databank.

This database is to be used to recollect information about the inhabitants of this system whether sentient or otherwise, as well as information about foreign species and their culture that may have made an appearance within our intellectual scope.

(Most of these pages are still very much WIP, but they will be populated soon enough!)


  1. In-Universe Information
    1. Species
    2. History
      • Xyian History (Base)
      • Timeline Split: None
      • Timeline Split: Ariel
      • Timeline Split: Sona
      • Timeline Split: Turbo
      • Timeline Split: Riza
      • "Far Future" Era